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"The performance review system has definitely allowed the employee to make his statement. They have become more aware of where they fit in, and more importantly, given them a goal to aim for with the Continuous Improvement Plan.  There is improved morale and much more mutual trust." Ken Smithers, Store Manager, Thrifty Foods

Creating Outstanding Results

Our focus:  To ensure that our clients have the tools they need to create outstanding results on a consistent basis. 

To ensure that everyone in the company is “on the same page” we developed a “foundational approach” to organizational development.  The principles, beliefs and practices that make organizations excellent must be well articulated and understood by all staff.

Step one in creating the foundation has to do with all staff knowing and understanding what the three stakeholder groups needs are. 

As long as there is confusion or misunderstanding about the three sets of needs and disagreement about which stakeholder gets served first, there will be issues and challenges that are very difficult to overcome.  And all of this will stand in the way of individuals, teams and organizations that want to create outstanding results every day.