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"Involved everyone in the company to make improvements. Enjoyed the enthusiasm in the presentation. Awesome teacher, great motivator, best yet! Challenged our set ways of thinking - gave me new ways to think."

Consulting & Facilitation — Organizational Development

Creating Outstanding results

“Since implementing your performance review system I believe there is a much improved level of trust between mangers and employees, which I think has resulted in improved morale and hence better customer service.”
Alex Campbell Sr., Co-founder & Chairman of the Board, Thrifty Foods

An area of special interest to Hilton & Associates is organizational development.  They have helped many clients improve what they do and how they do it on the way to boosting their bottom line results.

Many clients have benefited from our expertise in planning and executing change so the organization gets from its current point A to its identified and desired point B.

Customers, employees and shareholders all have needs that must be met.  We take a “foundational approach” to creating business success by aligning principles, beliefs and practices so individuals and teams deliver the results that the three stakeholder groups expect.

"What gets measured gets done" is a cornerstone of our approach to increasing individual accountability, responsibility and performance.  Our results-only focus ensures that clients and their staff understand their roles and responsibilities and learn how to use the tools they need to deliver outstanding results every day.

Dennis is an excellent facilitator, who can be counted on the lead your team through planning sessions, SWOT analysis and strategy sessions.  Dennis will ensure that the core issues and obstacles do surface and get addressed in a timely and effective manner.

Planning and Facilitation
Organizations need clear focus and direction. We help your team choose a path and create an action plan to get you from where you are at point A. . . to where you want to be at point B. We facilitate teams so they deal with the issues or blocks that stand in the way of the team working together, moving forward and creating outstanding results.